Advent Angels – Day 19

Another three people surprised with Christmas gifts donated by their community as part of our Advent Angels project.

Firstly, the lovely Shelia Hill who was nominated to cheer her up after being locked in alone since March, but has still been active supporting friends on the phone and donating prizes and presents to various local initiatives.

Secondly, Mrs Ann Barker, nominated by her daughter-in-law, Kara, as a thank you for all her help and emotionally and practically with things like shopping whilst they were in isolation on a reduced income.

Mr James Birtwell (who didn’t want a photo), an ICA volunteer who has driven our cars and minibus for many years, taking older people to the supermarket twice a week, to hospital for procedures and to many other essential appointments. James always goes out of his way to support his passengers, whether it’s helping them with their shopping bags or making sure they get in and out of their homes safely.

Merry Christmas to them all xxx

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