Nothe of the Living Dead – 2021

Have you already booked your ticket? Are you thinking of coming along? Perhaps you need a little more persuading?

Whichever situation applies, we thought you might enjoy reading the tragic story that inspired this annual charity fundraiser…

“We should have seen it coming, but we didn’t. We were so used to the military being around, we failed to notice a new platoon from UK based biotec conglomerate, C.R.A.N.E. International, testing chemicals off Portland Bill.

By the time we did notice, it was too late!

Turns out these chemicals were so toxic they poisoned the fish. In turn, the fish infected the feeding seagulls.

Then came Patient X – a regular guy, hanging out at the harbour with a pint and a bag of chips. Out of the blue, he was set upon by a feral seagull on the hunt for a hot snack. The attack was merciless, peck after bloody peck.

Patient X made it to hospital and collapsed, but not before informing the medics that he felt sick, angry and weirdly hungry for a very rare steak. On testing, his blood showed serious anomalies. However, before anything could be done, Patient X, now in full zombie mode, woke and escaped.

As Patient X rampaged across Dorset, infecting anyone that got in his path, the medical teams struggled to create a vaccine. By the time they’d succeeded, thousands of people were infected. The only safe place was Nothe Fort – a sanctuary of hope and home to 500 vaccines.

With everyday life on hold, those who remained were told to get to the Nothe, where they would be given a vaccine and shipped out to a safe colony on the Isle of Wight.

Unfortunately, just a few days into the evacuation, the Fort was overrun by zombies, leaving devasted residents to battle their way through its web of infested tunnels in search of the now scattered vaccines.

Eventually, after the full force of the military moved in, the Nothe was re-taken and the zombies destroyed…or so we thought!

Unknown to the public, the original designer of the Z-Virus, C.R.A.N.E. International, joined forces with US conglomerate, Biomedic, headed up by U.S. billionaire Ronald Dump. Their aim? To create Z-Tech, a new research establishment at the Nothe where they would develop a very unique military deterrent – weaponised zombies (or Z-Force as they later became known).

Three years after the original outbreak, Z-Tech opened their doors to potential investors – the very eve on which Dump’s zombies made a break for freedom, once again forcing the stranded investors to seek out vaccines in the Nothe’s tunnels. 

Now, five years after the original outbreak, the tunnels are reopening as a memorial to those that were lost and a warning to those that remain.

It’s opening night, Z-Tech are a distant memory and the media and VIPs are out in force.

As groups of excited visitors wait for their tours a throng of protesters have started to gather. Local military reserves are trying to hold them back, but they’re struggling.

Suddenly, the air around the crowd begins to pulsate with menace. Sirens sound and screams roll, like waves, across the courtyard.

A women, carrying a tray of small bites and mixed canapés, rushes past the crowd. Blood is seeping from a jagged bite mark on her neck!



The event is delivered in partnership with ICA, the Nothe Fort and EPIC Games.

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