Advent Angels – Day 18

Harry Pittaway and Joe Pascoe

Today we were able to surprise two young men that have been volunteering weekly for most of the year as young leaders at EPIC Games Dorset’s weekly Pokemon Club.Harry Pittaway (15yrs) and Joe Pascoe (14yrs) go out of their way to support a range of other attendees, from children as young at seven to teens and adults. Some of those they support have learning difficulties or who live with neuro-divergency. Harry and Joe help them to understand the game, build decks, play matches and tournaments, all whilst displaying endless patience and enthusiasm.

Committee Member Emma Mason said, “We couldn’t manage without them. Several of the players that attend Pokemon Club have quite profound additional needs and these boys have made them feel welcomed, included and valued. They have made it fun for everyone that comes through the door.

We often hear lots of bad news in the press about young people, but these lads deserve to be recognised and celebrated not just for their time and skills but also their attitude and empathy.”

Congratulations to them both, from all at ICA and the wider community.

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