Halloween Thank You

Nothe of the Living Dead, 2022 has come and gone. 200 participants, 90 volunteers and a ton of different clowns, demons and zombies running riot within the tunnels.

Hugely important to remember that this is a charity event, delivered by a small, part-time staff team, with volunteer players and a tiny budget, which makes the overall achievement even more impressive and meaningful.

We would love to thank every single one of you for your time, energy, creativity and enthusiasm, whether you came as volunteers or participants. Whatever your reason, you stepped into our weird and wicked fantasy world and ran with it – adding so much more than we could have imagined. This means everything to us.

There are a few people we must acknowledge for their much appreciated extra contributions.

Matthew McLane and his team Domino’s Pizza who fed our bunch of evils Friday and Saturday. We are incredibly grateful. Best pizza in town.

Atticus Machiavellian, whose creativity, special effects and props added a magical sprinkling of devil dust.

Emma Murgatroyd, Nothe Fort, who threw herself into the madness with absolute abandon.

For all those that managed people and games, including Katy and Dan Pascoe, Emma and Libby Mason, Matthew ‘Maggot’ Blanthorn, Steve Hirst, Joe Snell, Stacey Andrew and Samantha Macintosh (who made both nights despite only recently having twins – total dedication), the ever fabulous Daniel J Taylor, Lily and Maxine Seymour (who actually managed to raise extra donations from those about to lose their heads), the Busby-Wilcocks and Wilcocks clans (particularly Alison, who gets top prize for number of volunteers engaged), Kati Eastwood(for being the event’s most poked at zombie “She’s not real, is she? Poke her. Jesus Christ, she just moved!”) and Georgina Bolt for filming and shouting! You are all super freaky geniuses.

For everyone else who came along and volunteered your socks off, whether in jump scares, as make up artists, guards or soldiers – combined, you made even the toughest mothers wet their pants.

Thank you from the bottom of our black and shrivelled hearts – Kim, Katy and Georgina – Island Community Action – ICA; Emma, Matt and Keith – EPIC Games Dorset and Mary-Anne and Emma – Nothe Fort.

Forgive me if I’ve left you out, it wasn’t intentional. Kim x

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