A Life In Print

It was such a delight to witness the moment that Nab saw his life story ‘From the Coalfields of Yorkshire to the Isle of Portland in Dorset,’ printed as a hardback glossy book for the first time.

ICA volunteer Carol has been visiting Nab weekly for around 18 months, listening to his stories and using her years of writing experience to turn his memories into this wonderful book.

Katy Pascoe, ICA Project Manager says, “I’ll admit to reading the first chapter and being absolutely transported to a different time in social history, with ‘wash days’ and ‘butter weighed and wrapped in greaseproof paper!’

Nab was referred to ICA by Weldmar Hospicecare nurses who encouraged him to write down his recollections for his daughter and granddaughters. We’re so glad they did.

Nab says, “I have absolutely loved doing this, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done and it wouldn’t have been possible without Carol and your wonderful team. I’ve genuinely looked forward to every visit and to see the end result is incredible.”

Thanks also to Damien from Print Team – Dorset Ltd for his help with the front and back covers and ensuring the finished product looked so professional.

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