BBC South Today

Starting Tuesday 3rd January, BBC TV South broadcast a series of features focused on Weymouth & Portland.

These features were inspired by the Forgotten Towns Weymouth, Portland and the Coastal Economy report by Philip Marfleet and Jenny Lennon-Wood (from The South Dorset Research Group)

The features included the following content sections:

  • Past – Interviews with former employees at the Portland Dockyard and defence industries on the closures of the 1990s and their impact.
  • Current (Youth) – Interviews with Tom Lane and attendees from STEPS Club For Young People, Weymouth.
  • Current (older people) – Interviews with Island Community Action and a parent / toddler group at The Islanders Youth and Community Centre, Portland.
  • Future – Live broadcast discussion with Councillor Tony Ferrari (Dorset Council).

Watch the complete BBC broadcast here.

Read the written BBC report here.

Read the full report here.

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