Over the last year ICA has experienced some fantastic moments, from the success of the Nothe of the Living Dead to an appearance on BBC Spotlight.

We are particularly proud of our Silver Island project, which achieved the following number of interactions with clients during 2019:

  1. Advice and Information sessions
    • 24 benefits, legal and other surgeries 
    • 11 training sessions
  2. At Home services
    • 3,131 telephone befriending calls (including weekly check-up calls)
    • 1,044 home befriending visits 
    • 535 home support / errands
    • 530 home gardening visits 
  3. Clubs and social activities...
    • 1,762 attendances at the Get Together Club, Osteocise and Fit Plus exercise classes.
    • 1,329 attendances at Community Crooners and Forget Me Not Songsters
    • 423 attendances at the Chesil Art Group
    • 622 attendances at bingo  
    • 1,425 attendances at the Man and Women’s Shed only groups  
  4. Food provision… 
    • 1,114 meals served
  5. Transport (passengers not individuals): 
    • 2,585 passengers in the car / minibus

Total number of interactions – 14,535

In addition, ICA dealt with over 7,500 general queries.

NB: Figures may vary across different ICA reports depending on whether they were assessed for whole or part of year.