Portland Pride

Portland Pride was set up in 2012 to support Portland’s local crafts and food offer.

Since its launch Portland Pride has had some amazing achievements, a couple of the most exciting being:

  1. The Portland Pride shop and mobile market offer (2012 to present)…
    • Supported over 30 producers supported to expand or kick-start their own businesses through the Portland Pride shop (2012-2014)
    • Attended over 60 events, selling locally produced food and crafts, through our mobile market (2013-present).
  2. Portland Pride: Growing Local (2016-17)…
    • Delivered 125 cookery sessions (beginners, advanced and specialist)
    • Ran 104 horticultural ‘grow your own’ sessions (beginners, advanced, specialist and family).

Portland Pride has also collaborated with ICA’s Silver Island project to increase the number of local community based eating activities for older residents, including lunch clubs and foodie events and trips.

The future

Plans for 2020-21 include Portland Pride working in partnership with local residents and organisations, including Portland Town Council, Public Health Dorset and the NHS, to expand Growing Local. We will also be working with Portland 4 The Plant across a number of environmental activities. These plans will see us create and deliver:

  • A network of local food, horticultural and environmental enthusiasts (to feed into and shape our ongoing offer, ensuring all work is environmentally sustainable).
  • A range of new cookery classes, ‘grow your own’ courses, food sharing initiatives and inter-generational, food inspired, social activities.
  • Increased opportunities and support for food and crafts businesses, including more community markets / sales outlets, training and shared production facilities.
  • More opportunities to get outside and connect with Portland’s natural environment.

In achieving these goals, we hope we can deliver a wide range of benefits to local people, including:

  • A stronger, more connected community with greater opportunities to share skills and knowledge across generations.
  • Better access to healthy, nutritious and affordable food.
  • Increased life skills and confidence, from growing and cooking food to making healthy food choices and budgeting.
  • Improved physical, mental and social wellbeing, including reductions in loneliness, isolation and diet related medical conditions.
  • Improved local environment and effectiveness in tackling climate change.
  • More opportunities for local producers.
  • Local regeneration and a stronger local economy.

And finally…

We would like to extend a massive thank you to the talented team at Red Stone, whose generosity, creativity and talent brought the Portland Pride brand to life.