The Man Shed

ICA supports the Shed through a range of in-kind funding and expertise.

Portland’s Man Shed was developed by local resident, Colin Stott.

Colin wanted to provide more opportunities for local men to meet, socialise and work on individual and community-based DIY, woodworking and furniture restoration projects in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment.

Supported by ICA, Colin launched the Shed in 2015. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, securing dozens of members and working on a wide range of commissioned and renovation projects.

The Shed’s positive impact has also rippled out into the wider community, bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together at its event activities and through its engagement with member’s families / carers and a range of other community-based projects and organisations.

The Shed’s ongoing success resulted in its move to a larger premises in 2018.

Following a number of requests from the local community, the team created a successful Women’s Shed a year later.

It was in that same year, 2019, that Colin Stott sadly passed away. It was a great loss and one felt by all of those involved in project.

Today, Colin’s passion and ambition is continued by a team of dedicated local residents.

It is an amazing legacy for a fantastic man, and one that will continue to grow and benefit our local community for many years to come under the care of his family, friends, ICA and the community as a whole.

For more information, please see the Shed’s Facebook page.