Do One Thing

“We can now destroy or we can cherish, the choice is ours.”

David Attenborough

Do One Thing (DOT) forms part of ICA’s Growing Local project, which is all about food, growing, nature and the environment. 

Do One Thing focuses on the nature and environmental elements and has been created to help local residents support Portland’s amazing natural environment. 

Why do we need to do this? 

The United Nations recently declared that “Humanity is facing a triple planetary crisis, consisting of three core and interlinked issues: climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss. Each of these issues has its own causes and effects and each needs to be resolved if we are to have a viable future on this planet.”

Like all other places on Earth, Portland is feeling the impact of these issues, from spring arriving earlier and winters getting shorter to rising sea levels and more frequent periods of extreme weather. These changes are increasingly affecting Portland’s flora and fauna, the wider environment and the way we live.

Is it too late to change things?

No! Through simple changes and activities we can help protect our Island for ourselves and future generations.

Making changes locally is a great way to start, whether at home or in school, through a local club, across a single neighbourhood or even within the community as a whole. 

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of 101 different ways you and your family, friends, and community can help tackle climate change and pollution and, in the process, support and protect Portland’s natural  environment and biodiversity.  

We’ve tried to include lots of different ideas to ensure there are options for everyone, based on preference, cost and achievability. This way, even if you only Do One Thing you’ll still make a positive impact. 

We’ve also launched the Do One Thing Reward Card – see below. The card works by giving you a stamp every time you do something positive for Portland’s natural environment. Collect 10 stamps and you get a reward.

The process is simple – just post a photo of you in action on the Do One Thing Facebook page and then pop into the ICA office to get your stamp (you can also pick up cards there too). 

To make things easier we’ll be posting regular DOT ideas and challenges on the Facebook page. We’ll also be running special activities and events over the coming year. Simply join the page to keep track of the new content we post.