Youth Council

Portland’s Youth Council, formed in October 2022, is made up of local young people aged 11-17.

Portland Town Council, who created the initiative, are working in collaboration with ICA to ensure its delivery across three stages, as outlined below. The project is supported by Atlantic Academy and The Drop In Portland.

STAGE 1: ELECTIONS (September-October 2022) – Young people aged 11-17 were supported by Portland Town Council, The Drop-In Youth Service and ICA to consult with peers, create manifestos (based on consultations and own areas of interest) and deliver election campaigns. 10 councillors were elected.

STAGE 2: PRIORITIES (November 2022-January 2023) – Those elected were provided with foundation training, including adventure based team training day. During this period, they also identified five key priorities, based on their own manifestos and further consultation with their peers. These priorities were as follows:

  1. Employment, training and volunteering 
  2. Equality and diversity 
  3. The environment
  4. Social opportunities
  5. Public spaces.

STAGE 3: YEAR OF ACTION (March 2023-Feburary 2024) – To deliver against these priorities, Portland’s Youth Council has and continues to benefit from a range of training and volunteering. They have also delivered events, volunteering opportunities and additional training for other young people across the Island.

Here are just a few snapshots of the work delivered to date.