Dorset Zombie

Thank you to all those that helped make Nothe of the Living Dead 2021 a fantastic success.

Described as a Walking Dead meets Crystal Maze fusion – Nothe of the Living Dead provides a truly immersive experience for participants, who find themselves fleeing a zombie apocalypse.

To survive, each participant must battle their way through a web of tunnels infested with flesh devouring zombies. Along the way each must overcome a series of physical and mental challenges to collect the vaccines required to secure their rescue at the tunnels end. Fail and they become the main course in a zingy, zombie nosh-up!

Around 90 volunteers, aged 16-83, support the event each year. They play a diverse range of roles – from zombies and scientists to soldiers and make-up artists. Their energy, enthusiasm and creativity are are absolutely brilliant and we couldn’t do the event without them.

The charity event is a collaboration between Island Community Action (ICA) – Portland, Nothe Forth – Weymouth and EPIC Games – Dorset and all profits go to charity.

This year’s promos:

Nothe of the Living Dead is a charity event, delivered in partnership with the Nothe Fort and EPIC Games.

Here are a few photographs of our past events, courtesy of the fantastic Sean Hepburn.

A few other shots…