About Us

Island Community Action (ICA) is a small charity based on Portland, Dorset. We formed in 1999 to support the local community through activities and services that achieve one or more of the following aims:

  • Tackle deprivation and improve mental, physical and social wellbeing, including reducing isolation and loneliness, food poverty and malnutrition.
  • Support residents to live happier, healthier, more socially connected and independent lives for longer.
  • Increase life chances and quality of life through ‘hands on’ experiences, learning and training, helping individuals reach their full potential.
  • Support those wishing to volunteer or offer volunteering roles, helping to increase the number of local volunteers and create a more cohesive, fulfilled and engaged community.
  • Support local residents, groups and organisations to create and deliver their own community-based solutions.
  • Inspire and support collaborative working in order to share best practice and resources, reduce costs and co-create more robust, people-centered and sustainable solutions.
  • Support and showcase local initiatives and activities that promote, improve and protect the local area, its community, culture, economy, health, heritage and natural environment.
  • Contribute towards local regeneration.

ICA works across Portland (population 13,562 – Source: 2021 Census, Office for National Statistics) and nearby Wyke Regis (population around 5,500 – Source: 2011 Census).

Charity number: 1157978

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