The stunning 2022 Souvenirs of Place and Love exhibition has now concluded.

Originally created to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the exhibition turned out to be a fitting tribute to her legacy – a snapshot of the everything that her Royal Manor community holds dear to their hearts.

The project, a collaboration between ICA and b-side, will now be digitised and displayed on both organisation’s websites. We’ll let you know when this happens. In the meantime, we’ve provided a gallery of photos below. You can also listen to the podcast, which contains some lovely audio clips related to the ceramic items.

Souvenirs of Place and Love podcast – September 2022

Thanks to the project’s creative team – photographer Richard Tomlinson, audio artist Jo Tyler and textile artist Antje Rook Textile Art.

Souvenirs of Place and Love was funded by the Arts Council England‘s Let’s Create Fund through the Dorset Community Foundation.