Nothe of the Living Dead


Dorset’s premier Halloween fright fest is back for its fourth year.

Nothe of the Living Dead: Into the Underworld promises a host of new scares and challenges…

When a group of redundant and resentful world leaders combine forces to open a portal between earth and the underworld, all hell is unleashed.

In the words of the two most ruthless leaders of all, Ronald Dump and Norris Blondeson, “If our bad hair ain’t good enough, let the masses fry!”

Have you got what it takes to battle your way through the Nothe’s web of tunnels, infested with fiendish clowns, demons and creatures of the dead? Can you overcome the physical and mental challenges awaiting you in order to crack the codes and close the portal? Or will you simply become the barbeque snack in a bubbling buffet of doom!

Find out on the 28th and 29th October.

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