Advent Angels – Day 22

Today we’ve delivered to some fabulous local people for our Advent Angels treats.

We weren’t surprised that our first Angel, Carol Callis, was nominated. For years she has held multiple voluntary roles with different local charities and the local Church community, including a bookings clerk for the Community 2000 Hall and as a treasurer for both the Drop In (youth centre) and Portland United Youth Football Club. A big thank from all of us for everything you’ve done Carol. And thank you too to Milli Threadwell for the gorgeous hamper of Avon goodies.

Trish and Eddie Johnson were nominated by their granddaughter Abbii Louise for, ‘Being the type of people who would move mountains to help others.’ We’re told that they have kept their family going despite the struggles of lockdown and Eddie’s health. We hope they enjoy their beautifully handmade Christmas Cake.

Lastly, Peter Vallance, who was nominated by his wife for a treat to show how much she appreciates him and how hard he has worked all year, despite living with a chronic lung problem and constant pain. We’re told he has been a great support at home also and would like to wish them both a cosy, restful Christmas.

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